Ireland’s new online broadcaster

About Us

A Fair System


Live video streaming has emerged as a medium which offers an immediate and interactive experience, bringing performers and audiences together in a unique way. has been established to address the shortcomings of low-quality, free-of-charge social media streaming and to offer musicians and artists an alternative: an unprecedented risk-free guaranteed income source with zero barriers. 


The only fully-integrated, risk-free streaming service.

Avail of our hardware, crew and ticketing without paying a cent.

 You can even use our own venue on the Dingle Peninsula, free of charge. 

Peter Staunton

Peter Staunton

Musician and producer

Peter has experience in performance, lighting, audio, videography and live event production and has created as a way to share these skills with other artists so that they don’t have to reinvent the wheel for every online performance.

Benefits for ARTISTS


Cameras, graphics, venue, lighting, sound, ticketing… Everything provided and all barriers eliminated.


Organise your own PAID gig quickly, easily and for FREE. Simply book your date and start spreading the word.
Zero cost and zero risk.


All-in-one solution. No more juggling Eventbrite tickets, unsecured YouTube links and PayPal ‘tips’. Promote your event your way and bypass the algorithms.


Our place or yours. Whilst we offer free-to-use studio spaces on the Dingle Peninsula, our setup is portable.


A focus for promotion in interviews and content for your social media.


As venues reopen and in-person events resume, will facilitate supplementary revenue, allowing venues and festivals to afford bigger acts by selling to both physical and digital audiences at the same time.

Benefits for the AUDIENCE


HD multi-camera concert experience with professional, high-quality stereo audio. Simple and easy to use.


An affordable way to support performing artists. No ads or pop-ups. Incredible value with the option to add further support for the artist when purchasing.


Browsing, ticket purchasing, concert viewing and interaction - all in one place. No social media accounts required and no corporations tracking your viewing habits.


Watch from anywhere. Comment, participate in polls and Q&A. You can even treat friends and family with ticket gifts or VIP experiences.


Buy more than tickets - with artist merchandise and recordings available from an integrated webstore (COMING SOON)


Thanks to cellular and satellite technologies, broadcasts are possible from almost any location in Ireland. A trad concert in a forest, a lecture on a boat, acrobatics on a mountain top...

Creativity comes first.

Thanks to the portability and versatility of our setup, we do not have the same limitations as other live video broadcast solutions.
We will always mould the logistics and technology to suit the art - never the other way around.
Any performance in any location will be considered.
No event too small or too large.





- Applications received will be vetted and curated to ensure consistency and maximisation of our limited resources.


- provides the necessary broadcast and ticketing services, but not promotion. It’s up to you to spread the word!


- Playback tickets remain available for an agreed period after the event. This generates further revenue for artists.


- The artist genuinely pays nothing. Because we operate on a small scale, our transaction fees, taxes, ecommerce, streaming and hosting costs are considerable. Once these costs have been subtracted, the artist gets 70% of the ticket price. This is the industry-standard payout percentage on platforms like Spotify, iTunes, etc., except they're not covering your entire cost of production like! We do not charge for equipment, crew, venue, travel or time. We are artists and wish to support artists.

- At the recommended ticket price of €10, if a performer sells even one single ticket for an event, they are guaranteed €7 profit and the other €3 covers fees and charges. We are happy to provide our services for free, to support the creation of unique experiences by fellow performers. There is no catch.

- In the event that receives grant support in covering fees and charges, this will be reflected immediately in all payouts to artists. Our long-term ambition is for 100% of ticket revenue to go directly to performers. This applies to virtual event tickets and to physical event tickets, both of which can be sold simultaneously on