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Describe your event or idea and
we’ll get back to you to discuss details.

Step 2

Once confirmed, spread the word.
Every ticket sold is money in your pocket!

Step 3

Show up and perform.
We’ll do all of the technical stuff.

Step 4

Receive your earnings once ticket sales end.
(Multiple payment methods available)


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    Creativity comes first.

    Thanks to the portability and versatility of our setup, we do not have the same limitations as other live video broadcast solutions.
    We will always mould the logistics and technology to suit the art - never the other way around.
    Any performance in any location will be considered.
    No event too small or too large.





    - Applications received will be vetted and curated to ensure consistency and maximisation of our limited resources.


    - provides the necessary broadcast and ticketing services, but not promotion. It’s up to you to spread the word!


    - Playback tickets remain available for an agreed period after the event. This generates further revenue for artists.


    - The artist genuinely pays nothing. Because we operate on a small scale, our transaction fees, taxes, ecommerce, streaming and hosting costs are considerable. Once these costs have been subtracted, the artist gets 70% of the ticket price. This is the industry-standard payout percentage on platforms like Spotify, iTunes, etc., except they're not covering your entire cost of production like! We do not charge for equipment, crew, venue, travel or time. We are artists and wish to support artists.

    - At the recommended ticket price of €10, if a performer sells even one single ticket for an event, they are guaranteed €7 profit and the other €3 covers fees and charges. We are happy to provide our services for free, to support the creation of unique experiences by fellow performers. There is no catch.

    - In the event that receives grant support in covering fees and charges, this will be reflected immediately in all payouts to artists. Our long-term ambition is for 100% of ticket revenue to go directly to performers. This applies to virtual event tickets and to physical event tickets, both of which can be sold simultaneously on